Villa Casinetto - Details of ID: LPE- 98

Parma,Emilia Romagna,ITALY


This villa was built in 1827 by the Duchess Maria Luisa of Austria, Duchess of Parma, on an existing building, the Casinetto Fedolfi, to make it into a summer residence for her children. The court architect, Paulo Gazzola, in charge of the work, added several extensions recreating designs from the Palladio. The villa is located a short distance from the building known as "Casino of the Woods", official residence of Maria Luisa of Austria, and is surrounded by a park full of exotic plants and age-old conifers.

You enter the villa through an impressive avenue of monumental cedars which at one time joined the two ancient ducal residences. 

Following the re-engineering work, the building lost its original features of a hunting lodge to take on those of a neoclassical villa which covers an area of 4000m2.

Although much of the central structure corresponded to the original area, in the new building with its later imperial style and on four floors, differentiation was made between the north and south façades: the first was enhanced by a long porch, the second defined by pilaster strips and semi protruding arches. Then, on the left, an asymmetrical porch with a layout ending in a chapel was added.

A large pool and two staff quarters complete this property, entirely surrounded by a centuries-old park of 18 hectares, created in an ornamental style around 1830 by the gardener of the court, Barvitius. This park was designed to blend smoothly with the shape of the forest that surrounds it. In fact, the arrangement of its vegetation took account of the colour that the foliage takes on in the various seasons of nature, the branches and the light. Exotic species were introduced and sinuous avenues created, full of evergreens: Greek pines and Caucasus, Lawson cypresses, Tuie, cedars of different species that combine with huge plane trees, lecci and yew trees. Perfect as a representational home.