Design Villa - Details of ID: LPE- 90

Milano,Lombardia (North),ITALY


The leading edge of home technology portraied this 400 m2 designed villa boasting a japanese style garden utterly conceived by an international renowned architect. The wide spaces of the glass veranda, the raw material, like golden sandstone and exotic wood the heated pool has been panelled with, and the indoor mosaics meet the laser-carved steel and chrome in this prestigeous villa unique in its genre. While some partitions are solid and full height, others are semi transparent to enhance the continuity of space. At the same time, the space is best characterized by elements that stand out visually yet are functional: the house design is austere and sober yet fluid. Technological details are hidden behind cupboards, partitions and floors to retain the purity of the design: tables, floor lamps, vases and frames are complement to minimalism like so the white stylized walls flans the floor-to-ceiling window that show panoramic views of the japanese garden: every ray of light afforded by the city's skies fills the fresh and modern interiors.

Furnished in a minimalist fashion, the living spaces run along a 3-storey estate and, as a circulatory spine, the staircase begins at the entrance and leads to a kitchen off a half-landing. It then moves into the main living area and finishes in the attic area above it.