Le Sette Finestre - Details of ID: LPE- 39

Argentario,Tuscany (Central),ITALY


Settefinestre, is not only a beautiful property, it is considered an art piece, absolutely unique, and renowned within the area for its very important Roman ruins. This makes it incomparable with other properties in Tuscany.

It laid in ruin until the Seventies when was bought and fully restored, with the contribution of the famous Italian Architect Paolo Portoghesi (one of the most famous and appreciated in Italy and abroad), becoming a "National Monument".

It was built upon the ruins of a Roman villa that dates back to the first century before Christ. It was this "Spanish fortress" that was restored in the seventies, and remains in perfect condition, with marvelous paving of old hand made "cotto toscano".

The dining room (more than 250 sq. m) has a beautiful original brick vaulted roof from the 18th century. The main house is 11000 sq. ft (1000 sq. m). It has 5 double rooms, (2 double rooms, one queen and 2 king size) two single rooms, seven bathrooms, and two rooms for the service people (two single beds). All the rooms are furnished with beautiful antiques. It has a huge living room of about 2200 sq. ft (250 sq. m).

In the garden are the ruins of one of the most important roman villas in central Italy, with beautiful fortified walls and a big "Criptoportico" all of which date back to the first century before Christ.

Several books were written on the ruins, a large exhibition was held in Rome at the museum of "Palazzo Braschi" and it has a page on the "Treccani Encyclopedia".

It is one of the most studied archeological sites in the center of Italy The house it is surrounded by a big garden of 12,000 sq. yd (1 ha) with high trees, lots of flowers and a marvelous swimming pool. It has a view of the sea, which is about 1.5 km away.

Near the main house lies a second house (where the guardians live) which is from the 18th century. It has two apartments, each measuring about 1100 sq. ft (110 sq. m).

It has a garage and pastoral accessories for other 1800 sq. ft ( 160 sq. m). The land covers 120,000 sq. yd (10 ha), with 2000 centenary olive trees and 12,000 sq. yd (1 ha) of garden around the house. We wish to sell it as it is, perfect, with everything.