Villa Medicea - Details of ID: LPE- 91

Florence,Tuscany (Central),ITALY


This noble villa of the 15th century, furnished in the style of the period, including wood ceilings and tile and stone floors, is located only 6 kilometres from downtown Florence.

The initial structure was a tower house of the 15th century, after which various additions were made in different periods; during the latest restoration, the remains of the defensive wall that bound the courtyard of the historic settlement were brought back to light. A roomy swimming poll and a small chapel built in recent times are also part of the villa complex, which is framed by thickets of cypresses and olive trees and further adorned by venerable vases made form the local imprunetino clay and holding scented lemon plants.

The main villa, plus the attached secondary structure, offer floor space of 1048 m2: the position of the complex, halfway up the hillside, provides a view of the entire plain below, stretching all the way to the hills of Fiesole and Monte Morello, and the time-honoured scents of the land of Tuscany are in the air.

The land belonging to the property is capable of producing noteworthy quantities of olive oil and top quality wine. There is an outbuilding of 144 m2 for agricultural use, plus cellars equipped with venerable oak casks and earthenware tankards.

The two farmhouses found further down in the valley from the main residence, also restructured only recently, have respective surface areas of 243 m2 and 232 m2 and are laid out on two floors with loggias and a wood-fired stove in the roofed cooking zone. Different paths lead from the three residential units to a tennis court framed by setting of bountiful olive trees.

The entire estate sits on 30 acres of land, of which 1500 m2 are planted with olive trees, while the remaining 11,500 m2 hold a vineyard of excellent quality, able to turn out considerable quantities of wine. Near the vineyard is an outbuilding for farming measuring approximately 144 m2, in addition to the cellars holding the old-fashioned oak casks and earthenware tankards.